Comodo antivirus not updating 2016

27-Feb-2015 11:14 by 2 Comments

Comodo antivirus not updating 2016 - doctors dating patients relatives

For the past few months I've noticed that my internet browsing is noticeable slower - sometimes in Firefox it takes 15 minutes to download a 10 MB file!

Now that the newer Comodo is acting more antivirus-y, could it and Avast be clashing with each other and possibly be contributing to slower browsing?If so, do I have to uninstall one of them and switch to a different combination of firewall + AV, or is there something I can do with settings?Hi shinra It looks like you allowed COMODO Firewall to install COMODO Antivirus when it was updating itself.Having more than one Antivirus installed at the time on a system can cause system conflict and instability.You should only have one Antivirus product installed at all time on a system.You can supplement it with Antimalware since they are made to run alongside Antivirus, but not another Antivirus product.

I suggest you to go in your list of installed programs, uninstall every COMODO programs and then re-download COMODO Firewall and reinstall it.If you think that COMODO Firewall is annoying or creates conflicts with avast!, you can always use the Windows Firewall, in-built, which is good enough to fit your network protection needs, assuming that you are running Windows 7 or more recent.Let me know how it goes Yes the two programs are likely clashing.I also found Comodo started bogging down my system when used with Avira, last year.I did a whole big shuffle and switched to Zone Alarm with Bit Defender.

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