Confluence dashboard not updating

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Confluence dashboard not updating - dating beone 30

The delegate permissions for additional delegates who cover for the primary delegate when the primary delegate is on vacation or otherwise unavailable have been set so that the back-up delegates do not receive the emails about the calendar because when the primary delegate is at work, these emails are extraneous and a nuisance for the back-up delegates.

b) The primary delegate may leave their email program open and logged in even when they are not at work.c) If either the mailboxes of the calendar owner or back-up delegates are configured to receive emails for the calendar, this problem will not occur.d) Even if out sick or on vacation, the executive assistant may check mail regularly from another location.What to do: Test to see if this situation applies by having a back-up delegate close their view of the calendar. Have the back-up delegate look in their email (not on the calendar) to see if an email message corresponding to the calendar invitation has arrived in their own mailbox.Background: With an Exchange email system, all meetings invitations arrive in the form of an email message.Changes to meetings are also transmitted to the mailbox as email messages.

It is these email messages which contain information about events on a calendar.The mailbox which receives them processes these calendar emails automatically and adds meetings to the calendar view or updates the calendar view.Symptom: Calendar managed by a delegate does not display new meeting invitations and changes to meeting invitations which have occurred since the delegate went on vacation or became ill.Additional necessary factors: Primary delegate is not logging in and checking their own email.The owner of the calendar by choice does not receive the emails corresponding to meeting invitations, calendar updates and responses.These emails are sent only to the primary calendar delegate.

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