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Historic Plaster Conservation Services (HPCS) was founded in 1988 to pursue opportunities in the very specific field of architectural plaster conservation.

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When something goes wrong on a system, the logfile is the first place to look for troubleshooting clues.Logstash, a log server with built-in analysis tools, consolidates logs from many servers and even makes the data searchable.If anything goes wrong on an enterprise network, the admin has to find and fix the problem quickly.Finding the information typically isn’t a problem – most IT systems produce a steady flow of system log entries and error messages – but evaluating this information correctly in complex networks with many devices, systems, and servers is often easier said than done. On the one hand, a tool like the Pacemaker Cluster Manager is particularly verbose, producing many times the output needed.With Apache, on the other hand, data can end up going too many places if the admin sets it up to log each virtual host separately.On web servers that serve many customers, a vast number of logfiles accumulate, which means that debugging specific problems for an individual user can be an endless task.

Cloud computing environments that rely on Open Stack, Cloud Stack, or other cloud platforms rarely have fewer than 20 servers, and proliferation of server logs is proportional to the number of server systems.The classic solution is for the log server to collect logs on a central system, rather than leaving them scattered across the network.This approach helps you avoid the need for excessive typing when navigating between servers via SSH.Some logfiles even index the logs for fast and convenient searching.Commercial tools like Splunk provide this kind of value-added log service.The open source community’s answer to these commercial log tools is Logstash, a central logging service that offers an option for searching existing log entries through a web interface.

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    Campy educational short films from the mid-twentieth-century are so much fun, and this Navy training video from 1967, entitled “How To Succeed With Brunettes” does not disappoint.