Council tax benefit backdating regulations

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The government decided that Council Tax Benefit, which helped residents on low incomes pay their Council Tax, would be replaced in April 2013.

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All current Council Tax Reduction Scheme recipients will therefore lose assistance equivalent to 20% of their bill (or all their benefit where they already received less than 20%).The table 1 below sets out what the 20% loss in assistance represents based on 2016/17 Council Tax bands.Feature 1: Backdating Under the current Council Tax Reduction Scheme arrangements, working age claimants can request that any Benefit be backdated for a period of up to 3 months.This is awarded subject to 'good cause' criteria i.e.a person must demonstrate that there was continuous good reason why they were unable to claim at an earlier date.Feature 2: Methods of calculating eligibility and entitlement will remain the same Eligibility for the Council Tax Reduction Scheme will continue to be calculated by comparing the income and savings of the person(s) claiming support against the minimum amount of money the government says a claimant can live on (known as the Applicable Amount).

Bexley has also maintained the current way in which Council Tax Reduction Scheme is calculated.Where a claimant has more income than their basic needs then this means that a claimant will lose 20p in Council Tax Reduction for every £1 of income over their Applicable Amount.The localisation requires the Council to consider protection for the 'vulnerable' in our communities.Bexley's arrangements include the following; This will help ensure any vulnerable individuals are afforded a degree of protection from the impact of the scheme. You can make an appeal direct to the Council if you are not satisfied with the decision we have made and it affects your entitlement or the amount you have been awarded.The appeal must: When we have looked at your case again, we will send you our decision.If you still disagree, you have the right to appeal to an independent body, the Valuation Tribunal Service.