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Cpap dating sites - hsv 1 dating

Hi Everyone, I am a sleep apnea patient with central and obstructive sleep apnea , and I use cpap which is not easy as we all know it. Also, I am a respiratory therapist so I deal with those patients all the time, this is my area of expertise. I know most people with disabilities don't like to be defined and segregated by their disability...somehow I don't think Sleep Apnea/CPAP users would want to be either.

If I was still dating though I don't think I would be on a site specific to Sleep Apnea/CPAP users.

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If anyone is single and is looking for a fellow hose head , I say post a personal.

said he gets asked about this topic all the time from his patients. If people do not ask about it directly, there is usually a half joking comment.

I am happy to see how open this community is to talking about this topic and sharing their experience not only about the affect of CPAP therapy on their sex life, but how CPAP therapy affects their relationships in general.

I read along this week as you added to this thread and it also brought up some older ones of people asking how to get their partner to be supportive, or how far along in the dating relationship do people let their perspective partner know about their condition.

The CPAP Wiki already had an article that dealt with CPAP therapy and Partners, however your comments really enhanced this article.This topic is personal and many people have different perspectives on it, so I changed the format of the article a little to adjust to this.The article goes over some major issues: Look over the article, see if you think it is comprehensive.If you have comments or questions to add, please feel free to edit.Also, if you think there are major elements missing please add them.Too often this topic is laughed off and not directly addressed.