Crad sex old free

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Crad sex old free

We realise that some people find it difficult, awkward or embarrassing to access sexual health services.

c:card is open for everyone in Edinburgh and the Lothians who are aged 13 or older.

There are no upper age limits – no one’s too old to use a c:card.

c:card is a non judgemental service which responds positively to clients sexual health needs.

We are an inclusive service which is open to all people – straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

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A c:card is a plastic card which is yours to keep and use to collect free condoms and other safer sex products on the c:card range.

This free service is managed by NHS Lothian and facilitated by partner agencies in a variety of settings – schools, colleges, universities, youth agencies, health settings, and many other places.

So it should be easy to find a point that’s close to you.

The first step is to go along to a c:card point to register and get your c:card.

When you get to your nearest c:card point you will be seen by a trained worker who is commmitted to providing a high quality service which is friendly, welcoming and easy to use.

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