Cyber sex slave chat

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Cyber sex slave chat

The only things that really looked human were the eyes and mouth as you could see the skin.

One day while slave 343 was online doing various tasks for its Master, it began talking with another Master online and ended up doing a cyber sex chat with the online Master. Slave 343 tried to cover up its tracks but the computer automatically logged all chats to a special file that slave 343 wasn’t aware of that went to its Master.

When its Master got home, he was livid when he checked the computer.

Master ordered slave 343 into the dungeon and to wait for him there.

As slave 343 knelt in the dungeon wondering what was going to happen to it, it heard its Master on the phone explaining out what had happened to someone. “Because you have expressly broken one of my rules, you will be punished in a way that you will never be able to fuck up again! He pulled out a rubber sleep sack and ordered slave 343 into the sack.

Slave 343 started out as purely being a rubber slave to the hottest Rubber Master around.

When slave 343 became His slave, it was a wonderful thing.

Training proceeded quickly and slave 343 quickly adapted to the required duties and responsibilities.

It has spent what seemed a lifetime sealed in a special rubber suit that never came off. It went from head to toe with a special butt plug that allowed for removal for fucking but when installed it had a hole for cleaning out.

Also the cock and balls were tightly encased in rubber in one position with the balls forced down and the cock straight out from the body, so that even the ridges on the cock were noticeable at times yet no matter how horny the slave got, orgasms were very difficult to achieve.

It allowed for the body to be cleaned via attached hoses without it coming out of the suit.

One hose attached at the top of the head and showered water down through the suit washing away all the dead skin and sweat and another tube on each foot emptied out the suit.

The suit was designed so that once it was zipped up, the zipper broke off and was sealed with liquid latex and a flap over the zipper was glued shut.