Dame judi dench begins dating female dj

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Dame judi dench begins dating female dj - do dating relationships sometimes start slowly

Judi Dench and her new man looked like the cutest couple as they walked arm in arm.

The couple's outfits complimented each other with Dench dressed in a white ensemble and the 71-year-old looking dapper in a black.

The smiley star recently revealed she can no longer travel alone because her eyesight is getting so bad.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, she revealed: "These days I can't really travel on my own because I need someone to say, 'Look out, there's a step here!

' Or else I fall all over the place like a mad, drunk lady." The James Bond star's eyes are failing because she is suffering from dry and wet macular degeneration.

Dame Judi was heartbroken after losing actor-husband Michael Williams to cancer in 2001 following 30 years of marriage.

And she recently told The Times magazine that her relationship with David Mills took her by surprise.

Dame Judi Dench has revealed that she never expected to find love again after the death of her husband Michael Williams in 2001.

But after four years of being in a relationship with conservationist David Mills, the veteran actress has finally decided to open up about her partner.

Admitting that the romance took her by surprise, Judi said that the thought of meeting someone special hadn't occurred to her, "not for a single second".

"I wasn't even prepared to be ready for it," she told star, who lives "just a few fields away" from her boyfriend David, first struck up a relationship with the farmer in 2010. Now it's absolutely wonderful because there's somebody who makes me laugh. " The seven-time Oscar nominee lost her actor husband of thirty years in 2001, following his battle with lung cancer.

David had asked Judi to open the new badger enclosure at his British Wildlife Centre, but she initially declined saying she wasn't in good shape following her husband's death. Dame Judi Dench and farmer David Mills live 'just a few fields away' from each other Judi, who will appear on screens next year in , has recently spoken about her plans to continue acting.

A few years later, Judi agreed to open the red squirrel enclosure and their relationship blossomed from there. "It drives me absolutely spare when people say: 'Are you going to retire? "I don't want to be told that I'm too old to do something.