Daniel radcliffe and emma watson dating

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Daniel radcliffe and emma watson dating - Darkcavern chatrrom

Watson, 25, who starred opposite Rickman as Hermione Granger in the British fantasy franchise, poured her grief out on Facebook with heartfelt words about her close bond with the star.

He is also, one of the loyalest and most supportive people I've ever met in the film industry", the 26-year-old wrote. We love you Posted by Emma Watson on Thursday, January 14, 2016While Lewis wrote posted a memory of his days working at Leavesden Studios with the veteran star, and how his advice was greatly received. He was a magnificent actor & a wonderful man."As well as the Harry Potter movies, Rickman carved out a reputable career in films such as Die Hard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Love Actually.He added: "Alan was extremely kind, generous, self-deprecating and funny. I feel so lucky to have worked and spent time with such a special man and actor. I was at Leavesden Studios today when I heard the news.And certain things obviously became even funnier when delivered in his unmistakable double-bass."Several other Harry Potter cast members also honoured the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves star, including Warwick Davis and Matthew Lewis. As I walked through the canteen I thought of Alan queuing up for his lunch with us mere mortals.Warwick posted on Twitter: "So terribly sad to hear of the passing of Alan Rickman. I recalled the trailer in which he offered me some of the greatest advice I ever received about this mad profession we shared.Being back in those corridors made me remember a lot of things and I will treasure those memories all my life.He inspired my career more than he ever knew and I'll miss him.

A photo posted by Matthew Lewis (@realmattdavelewis) on His ability to play the loveable villain, with dry wit and charisma, won audiences over and established him as one of the most revered actors of his generation.

The iconic actor had starred in over 66 projects in both film and TV, two of which - Alice Through the Looking Glass and Eye in the Sky - will be released later this year.

In a statement Rickman's family announced: "The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69.

Tom Felton, aka Harry Potter baddie Draco Malfoy, tells Metro about his secret boy crush, why he cringes when he sees himself on screen, and whether we can expect to see him stripping off on stage like Daniel Radcliffe did. Alan Rickman , Michael Gambon , Helena Bonham Carter – they’re all wonderful people and very helpful and inspiring. It was one of my favourite films when I was younger and I asked how he did certain scenes. It took me six years to work up the courage to ask him. On my last day, we were at King’s Cross station in make-up, which made us look 19 years older. I’ll take my clothes off – whatever the job requires.

Jason Isaacs [Lucius Malfoy] always looked after me very well. She said tell your brain you’re not allowed to cry and then it’s more likely to happen. You hear stories about actors who demand their coffee to be served at a certain temperature but on Harry Potter if you wanted a cup of tea you had to get it yourself. One of the first days was the scene of us walking into the great hall, which I’ll never forget. Will you have to take off all your clothes on stage to shake off the Draco Malfoy image? Daniel Radcliffe didn’t do it for an image change; he did it because he’s very passionate about theatre.

Which of the older actors did you get on best with? I had mates round when the first one was on TV and they took the mick for ten minutes, then turned it back to the football.

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