Dating a borderline personality disorder

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Dating a borderline personality disorder - sex dating in arnold maryland

It’s always weird telling someone that I have borderline personality disorder.

Even then, I still struggle with the imploding and splitting.And it’s a bit frustrating because I remember first looking up borderline personality disorder and wanting to get rid of my diagnosis because of the stigma attached to it.So many articles about dealing with the “evil borderline” and basically being told people with BPD are better off being alone and are incapable of being loved.I’m here to mention to you that this information is completely false.Whether you have BPD or are dating someone with BPD, it’s important to understand where they’re coming from.It’s also important to understand where you’re coming from.

Here are some tips for being a dating someone with BPD, from someone who has BPD themselves: 1.

Learn about BPD and Help Your Partner Who Has it: This sounds very straightforward, but it can be a bit difficult to look for information when so many things about BPD can be stigmatizing.

It’s important not to look for articles that treat someone with BPD like a disposable burden, which is only a recipe for trouble and a recipe for disaster.

Look for articles that have a tone of helping support you and your partner(s) with BPD.

Learn about the symptoms associated with BPD and the experiences one might’ve had associated with this illness. Be Gentle, but Firm When Calling Them Out on Certain Behaviors: As someone who has a lot of mental illnesses, BPD included, I will not be ashamed to say that I have partaken in a lot of problematic behaviors like suicide baiting or saying things like “Please don’t leave me like other people have.” While those things were not okay, I was never confronted nor was I ever confronted in a way that wasn’t so harsh or didn’t remind of trauma I have in the past.

When confronting ANYONE and not just people with BPD or with a mental illness in general, it’s important to be gentle but not infantilizing.

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