Dating a pices woman

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If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Pisces and Libra compatibility article on this relationship first.

I just wanna say - I have "hooked up" with the same Pisces man a few times for like 6 months and he has been the best lover.

They way he touches and kisses is soo sensual and he likes to talk in bed, is soft spoken like a dream... It would be weird for a Libra to not tell someone they like them. They're typically waaay more intuitive than most other signs, and they often assume others are as intuitive as they are. I threatened him with law enforcement if he kept contacting me.

and he can hold me for hours, and never complains about his arm getting tired or rolling over and falling asleep after we have sex. but im not sure how we would work in a relationship... It's very possible he's convinced you know exactly how he feels and are just asking to make him squirm! After ignoring his attempts at communications, he finally left me alone. I am happy married to a very powerful and successful Scorpio to whom I adore and he adores me. From the very moment I laid eyes on her I felt the strong undercurrent of electricity between us.

If you look at it that "actions speak louder than words" you can probably piece together his feelings fairly easily, whether he wants to verbalize them or not. Libra woman with a short lived relationship with a Pisces man. Needy, emotional, moody, broody, dependent, unambitious, lazy, crazy, mental, stuck in a constant state of mental fantasy, insecure to extremes that defy words. I enjoy being a woman and have no desire to take care of a man who isn't my husband and bedridden. I am too outgoing, ambitious, and social to be with a wet fish. The only good thing about that relationship before he went psycho on me was the sex. It was the first time I have ever felt such a jolt before even introducing myself.

I was first attracted to this man because of his physical appearance. But I'm a Libra (cerebral) I need mental and physical stimulation. I was perplexed at first, and somewhat afraid of it... And when we are together my hands can't help but intricately run themselves through her hands/fingers, to all over her body, hours on end - no matter if we are in public or in the privacy of home.

As I got to know him better I realized that he was not the one. I like strong, dominant, secure, intelligent, powerful men. this magnetism drawing us ever nearer, but as chance would have it, we kept running into one another, and it was unavoidable that which soon enveloped us whole. We are incredibly affectionate with one another and dote each other with small gift surprises. I find her liveliness invigorating and uplifting, and we resonate so well together.

I'm a bit disheartened by the number of naysayers about the Pisces/Libra combo, because I see a lot of potential in it.I think in my case, it may be a bit easier as I am a Leo in both my Ascendant and Moon.Sun sign alone won't dictate degree of compatibility.I don't know what the future will bring between us as we are on somewhat separate tracks in life, but I will always treasure what I have with my Libra woman.Take a chance, as you may discover something wonderful in this too, as I have.I was friends with a Pisces man before we actually started what I guess you can call dating, but it was really at a bad time in his life.