Dating a trinidadian man

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Dating a trinidadian man - Adults dating service

Often spend free time or any chance i get I am a tanned Caribbean guy; ) Travelled extensively tbroughout the USA and Canada.

Email me if you are looking for a loving and sincere man Im 5ft 11in tall. II'm a light-hearted girl looking for fun and adventure. You may wa me at eghtsxeght svneghteght with four zros, to know more. Trinidad and Tobago-born hip-hop queen Nicki Minaj opened the 2015 MTV VMAs with her sure-hit “Trini Dem Girls (feat.Lunch Money Lewis).”But, this wasn’t the first time Trini girls have been mentioned by name onstage.What is it specifically that makes them so damn alluring?If you’ve never met a Trinidadian girl, or if you’re unfamiliar with our particular brand of island-girl swagger, here are some things to know from a born-and-raised Trini woman: As clearly demonstrated by Nicki Minaj herself, who blatantly called out Miley Cyrus while onstage about some comments Cyrus made in an interview, Trini women have little patience for bullsh*t.

They’re not afraid to clear the air anytime, anywhere.Minaj probably grew up with the kind of mother who would check her in public.West Indian moms are known for their open disciplinary methods, which, might I add from personal experience, are quite effective.So, we have no qualms about calling out others in public.You better check yourself before we embarrass you in front of everyone.“Dem a wine up dem waist.” Huh?To understand those lyrics, you must understand the real value of “the wine.”Trinidadian women are known for pretty much perfecting “the wine,” a key component when dancing to soca, dancehall or reggae music.