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In other words, if the person was not already interested to some degree, playing hard to get would not motivate them to chase.

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In addition, for the speed-date experiment, male participants either had some initial interest and had chosen the woman (commitment) or was randomly assigned the date (no commitment).

Results from these experiments offered some insights about how playing hard to get works.

Specifically: What It Means for You As the research indicates, playing hard to get is a useful strategy…under the right conditions.

Put simply, playing hard to get works when your potential partner is already interested and when they think you are "likeable" and nice, but are not yet passionate about you.

"Now with dating more than one guy, I have been able to look at what each of them would add to my life and not feel pressured about one person.

Don't struggle with the juggle—we've rounded up a few ladies who have been there and done that to tell you exactly how to handle the tricky situations that come with playing the field."I was previously married for about six years and didn't really take the time to consider what I wanted out of a relationship or marriage," says Megan, 27.

Sometimes dating and relationship advice can conflict.

For example, some advice suggests that people should "play hard to get" in order to increase attraction and desire.

Other advice suggests we should be more direct and straightforward, improving trust and liking. I began to address this very topic in a previous article, where I reviewed research that showed playing hard to get does indeed work. Recent research has brought a bit more clarity to the question, finding that sometimes playing hard to get is a good way to build desire. What We Know Researchers Dai, Dong, and Jia (2014) investigated the question, "When does playing hard to get increase romantic attraction?

In general, being on the receiving end of someone else's aloof and uncertain signals does increase desire. " They theorized that such an aloof strategy may have unique effects on different emotions.

Specifically, they suggested that playing hard to get might increase feelings of "wanting" in others (a desire to pursue the aloof person) but at the same time decrease "liking" (positive feelings about the person).

The team hypothesized that playing hard to get might only work under certain circumstances—specifically, that such a strategy would only work when partners were already committed and emotionally invested in the relationship.