Dating an alcholic

19-Sep-2015 00:33 by 8 Comments

Dating an alcholic - quotes about being friends before dating

While I realize the depths of the song doesn’t encourage alcohol abuse, we certainly have our share of drunk in love, pour it up, blame it on the alcohol, shots, bottoms up and other ‘tunes’ to verbally motivate us into inebriation.

In our fun filled society where we have a large variety of social settings to ‘good time’ in with family and friends, it’s often easy to mistake alcoholism for social drinking.

Today we’re discussing 11 signs to increase your awareness of what alcohol abuse looks like in 2015. It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating a birthday, birth of a child, a new job or promotion, purchasing a house or even making it home safely, alcohol is the one definite item your sweetie will bring.

Somehow any milestone will be cause to have a few drinks. After payday they may only drink 1800 tequila or Remy Martin but as the money fades they’ll be knocking back dollar cans of beer like the top shelf never existed.

Most social drinkers stick to their brand, their “drink” and when it’s not available they usually decline all other offers.

A person suffering from alcoholism can go from white to brown liquor, cross over to beer and top it off with a shot of moonshine without missing a beat. Whether it’s death in the family, a rough day at work, an argument or they’re just in a bad mood, alcohol will be brought into the equation. They can have several drinks without getting intoxicated.

Alcohol is used like prayer, exercise or meditation to relieve stress. You may even start to wonder if their drinks are watered down.

One or two drinks can relax a social drinker whereas a person who self medicates with alcohol may need half a bottle or a 12 pack to feel that sensation. While sober they may have an emotional barrier that’s difficult to penetrate but after a few drinks they begin to open up sharing their life story and perhaps a few events you wished they would have remained silent about. Addiction may be plaguing a few members of the family and sweetie may be able to recognize alcohol abuse in others but not within them self.

Pay attention to those relatives who pass out at each family function and their relationship with your sweetie. You and sweetie might go out for a sober night of fun with friends but as soon as sweetie gets there and sees alcoholic beverages, everything else goes out the window. Things that you usually laugh and joke about may send them into a rage when sober.

They may even say “I didn’t plan on drinking like this tonight” or “I didn’t want to drink tonight’ but one things for certain, the drinks flow on. You may even find yourself saying ” just have a drink” in hopes they may relax a bit. Perhaps they never have extra funds for the upcoming concert, movie release or dinner yet somehow they always manage to have just enough for a drink or two.

They may look over the need to get that oil change or the shoes they’ve been speaking of all week and choose alcohol instead. It doesn’t take much physical action, even on cooler days, to get their pores to pouring.

They may never complain of being hot or being tired, many times they may continue with the previously scheduled activities as if nothing is happening.

They’ve had previous run ins with the law in regards to alcohol. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol dependence seek help immediately.