Dating ariane game walk through

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Dating ariane game walk through - dating pornstars

A rather long (but witty) conversation takes place and the length and overall theme will depend on the prequel settings you have chosen before.During that conversation another possible date enters the restaurant to order some food.

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Needless to say that all three of them trigger different situations. Enters Rebecca, who will or will not recognise you dependent on the prequel settings you have chosen.A nice feature of Ren'py (the game editor SITA was made with) is that you can save the game at any time and load from there without having to start the game all over again like you had to do with Date Ariane. She is her usual uncompromising self and subtlety is a word that can't be found in her dictionary. (Lesbian) Sorry, I can't help imagining you two together. You just do not seem to be the cheerleader type, Ariane.When the movie starts you can choose if Rebecca stays or seeks a seat elsewhere. You watch Love As Usual (if you don't click on 'The End' you can listen to the romantic tune accompanying the movie in its entirety.) (What did you think of the movie? (All answers will do.) Suddenly lightning strikes and you decide to go home. Game Results This scenario is your first good ending with Ariane (in SITA), unlocks Rebecca and Ariane and Clue 1 (out of 6): Clear Skies.Ariane notices a sudden storm appears, when skies were clear just minutes ago.Return (this is the default setting at start, so you don't have to go there if you have just fired up a new game) Walkthrough Start a game. Note: in the bar are four other women you will meet in other scenarios. (Any introduction is good here, the one leads to a somewhat longer conversation than the other.) (bar) Let's sit at the bar and wait then.If this is your first game, you will be asked for your name. (Any proposition is good here, the one leads to a somewhat longer conversation than the other.) (stool) Ask about her day.

Wherever you will read the name Felix in these walkthroughs your own name will obviously appear. (telephone) Hey Ariane, it's me Felix, sorry for calling so early. (Telling about your own day is an option as well, but you need to be careful that the date will not abruptly end.) In the next scene a woman drops some wine over Ariane.

The day passes by and you meet Ariane at the Cafe Da Silva.

She is not unknown to people who have played Date Ariane before and if the right settings have been entered in the prequel options menu they will recognise each other.

But as we started this very first walkthrough with the generic settings they presumably have never met before.

Ariane's dress is ruined by the wine and she proposes to change at home. Ariane takes her car and the Metaverse Way exit leads her to her place.

She changes into something less formal and you drive to the Drive-N-Dine.