Dating brass tankards

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Steins have been used by beer and ale drinkers for over 500 years.They have been made of ivory, porcelain,pottery, stoneware, faience, silver, pewter, wood, or glass in sizes up to nine gallons.

Although some were made by Mettlach, Meissen, Capo-di-Monte, and other famous factories, most were made by less important German potteries. Antique beer steins, mugs and tankards are prized for their craftsmanship and colorful ornamentation and scenes. from Germany in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, especially from the city of Mettlach, whose potteries produced thousands of the vessels.They can be found in many styles and materials, including copper, pewter, silver, pottery, ivory, porcelain, glass and wood. The beer stein had its origins in the mid-1500's along the Rhine river in Germany, when small towns began producing functional drinking vessels decorated by enameling and glazing.Each town or area adding their own flair or nuance.By the 1860s, factories around Westerwald and Dresden began producing ornamental steins for display, and continued doing so until WW1, from which the industry never fully recovered.Lately there's been renewed interest in collecting beer steins with unique designs, including reproductions of works by famous artists.

Designs reflect everything from historical battles to comical faces and even car racing and baseball.

While many steins have been produced and marketed as collectibles, the most valuable continue to be pre-1900 German handmade steins.2015-16 Immaculate Acetate Karl-anthony Towns Booker Cauley-stein Rc Auto 2/10Fabulous Large Heavy English Antique 1866 Solid Sterling Silver One Pint Tankard Amazing Early German Augsburg Solid Silver Repousse Lidded Ale Tankard Stein Cup Antique German Lithopane Regimental Porcelain Hand Painted Tall Lidded Stein2015-16 Immaculate Willie Cauley-stein Kings Rc Rookie Nba Logoman Patch 4/5Rare 19thc Antique Chinese Export Silver Wang Hing Scene Dragon Tankard Mug Cup Antique Mettlach Villeroy Boch German Art Nouveau Pottery Lidded Stein English Sterling Tankard 1743 Weighs 32 Oz Superb Large Heavy English Antique 1939 Solid Sterling Silver One Pint Tankard Mettlach Villeroy Boch German Stein Beer Pottery Porcelain Antique Pewter Top Antique Munich Germany Porcelain Gruss Munchen Hand Painted Signed Stein Handsome Large Heavy English Antique 1951 Solid Sterling Silver One Pint Tankard Large 18th C Worcester Blue And White "the Plantation Pattern" Tankard Mug Cup Superb Solid Sterling Silver One Pint Tankard Birmingham 1925 357g Antique Victorian Belleek Willets Hand Painted Grape Motif Porcelain Tankard Yqz S & M Brewing Company Beer Mug Pr. Chien Wis Villeroy & Boch Mettlach Antique Villeroy Boch Stein Germany Pottery Relief Half Liter Oktoberfest Stein Jim Rumph Mind Circus Pottery Wizard Tankard 1975Outstanding Jugendstil Karl Gorig(?

) 1 Liter Beer Stein, Sublime Art Nouveau Heavy Solid Sterling Silver One Pint Tankard London 1966 John Henry Odell 430g Heavy Solid Sterling Silver One Pint Tankard Birmingham 1969 424g Amazing Quality 1935 London English Sterling Silver Beer Ale Tankard Stein Mug Antique Mettlach Mosaic German Beer Stein A Novelty Antique Sterling Silver & Glass Match Striker As A Tankard Dates 1901.18th Century Pewter Tankard/mug Top Quality 1924 Art Deco Sterling Silver Gaelic Pattern Ale Tankard Cup Mug18c Salt Glazed Stoneware Tankard I. German Pre-war Stoneware Beer Drinking Stein Mug Hand Decorated Over Litho Ehrenmitglied German Art Glass Beer Stein Enamel Canary Breeding Bird Pewter Top Huge Mettlach German Beer Drinking Stein 2921 Men Drinking Camp Fire Stoneware1993 Anheuser Busch Birds Of Prey Osprey Stein Rare Anheuser-busch / Budweiser A & Eagle Stein --version -proto-type- Rare German Enamel Art Glass Antique Flower Beer Stein Pewter Lid Drinking Cup2015-16 Panini Prizm Willie Cauley-stein Silver Prizm Refractor Rc #349 Kings Solid Sterling Silver Half Pint Mug Cup Tankard Birmingham 1934 181g19thc Antique 1818 Primtive Pewter Lidded Stein Tankard Mug, Nr Karl-anthony Towns & Willie Cauley Stein Immaculate Dual Rc Rookie Auto # /49Vintage German Beer Stein Lidded Signed Stoneware Estate Pottery 2015-16 Immaculate Willie Cauley-stein Rpa Rc Rookie 4-color Patch Auto 67/99German Army 120 Th.

Some time ago,in fact, it was the year 1970 that I became interested in Antiques,so much so that I wanted to study them.

I began my research into the art of Ceramics and soon realised there was much to learn about this particular subject so I decided to enrol into the evening classes where Henry Sandon “Antiques Roadshow” was lecturing about Ceramics from the 12th to the 20th Centuries.

This began for me as a hobby but I will come back to this subject at a later date, because todays post is about Pewter Tankards. Yes that looks better you may think,but now try a couple of pewter tankards and you will see what I mean. If champagne should always be drunk from a silver tankard,then beer should be drunk from a pewter one,ideally with a glass bottom,so you can see if any enemy comes through the door while you are drinking; We are talking about past days of course.

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