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Producers hired Kianna Underwood and Denzel Whitaker to replace them.

Since then, Nickelodeon has removed All That from its television line with reruns appearing on Teen Nick and ending 22 Episodes before the 200th episode.However, All That still had a strong following and was still one of the most popular shows on the network.Nickelodeon planned to re-relaunch the show, this time, reprising the roles of every sketch from the past seasons.Over a decade later there have been no further discussions.Zarla invites you to explore the human connection to music, from a femme perspective.Instinctual vinyl finds, electronic music, and the intuitive experience are shared with occasional guests.

The tenth season of All That aired from early 2005 until late 2005.The season aired 15 episodes, beginning with a special to celebrate the 10th anniversary.Approximately 6.2 million total viewers watched the special on both its April 23 and April 24 airings, making it the top cable or broadcast program for the 2-11, 6-11, and 9-14 age demographics. It featured the cast on a red carpet, they come out of a limo and greet their fans.The show saw many changes before the start of the season.Shane Lyons and Giovonnie Samuels were both dropped from the show to make room for new cast members.Jamie Lynn Spears got her own show on Nickelodeon and left the show.