Dating canton porcelain

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Dating canton porcelain

The Invention of Porcelain in Saxony | Pre Chinese history of European Porcelain | Chinese and Japanese Porcelain | Reconstruction of the true history of East China | Additional Technical Details, the Porcelain Stone | Glass Mark Porcelain | Epilogue.

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This fact highlights the porcelain and silk among the mass of other"ancient Chinese inventions, which mostly surfaced in the second half of the 20 century Chinese silk in Europe were interested in not earlier than 18 century legend of Chinese origin of silk approved barely earlier 19 century the Chinese invention of.

myth in ancient porcelain emerged much earlier legends of Chinese silk, approximately at the turn of the 16-17 centuries.

finding answers to question show and why this happened, and devoted to this small study.

"The history of and the development of porcelain and pottery in China as long as the history of silk it is silk and pottery were the main exports in the emergence of the earliest antiquity.

porcelain date time of the Shang dynasty (1600-1100 BC).

Confidently assert that porcelain Chinese invented in unthinkable antiquity and for Millennium art in manufacturing reached a large porcelain tableware, figurines and other household and decorative items.

In the 16 century Chinese porcelain was highly impressed the imagination of Europe, has become a matter of luxury and aristocratic prestige. Details of the porcelain production technology we will see next, now, under the porcelain imply a wide range of materials which differ from conventional ceramics by some special qualities.Europeans have tried, but could not solve the mystery of Chinese porcelain. Conventional clay product porous and permeable non-tight porcelain for liquids and gases.Finally, at the beginning of 18 century in Europe opened the secret of porcelain and in imitation of Chinese began to produce porcelain. Also much stronger than traditional porcelain stoneware packagings can be made from it.For porcelain are some opacity (defined by the subtlety of the walls).Thin-wall porcelain cup impact on it a wooden stick makes a melodious sound.Traditionally referred to as the firm and solid porcelain ceramics, wizards have sought more rugged and dense material.

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