Dating consent form

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Informed consent is an on-going process that starts with the researcher's first contact with the individual and continues until the study is complete or the participant withdraws.

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The child should provide his/her assent and may refuse to participate even if the parent has provided their consent.The age of consent to participate in research in the Province of Quebec is 18 years of age.Section 21 of the Quebec Civil Code should be referenced for additional information as to the involvement of children in research.The Assent form for the involvement of minors in research should be used for any individuals under the age of 18.Consent forms should be translated where it is relevant to particular communities that you wish to recruit.If you have any questions about this study, please contact: Name, area code and phone number of Investigator Collect calls will be accepted.

A Telegraph survey found that one in three female undergraduates in the UK have been sexually assaulted while at university, and many prestigious institutions have been accused of failing to address sexual violence on campus.

Meanwhile, a former Oxford graduate student attempted to sue the university after it refused to investigate her reported rape by a fellow student during her Master’s degree.

Oxford and Cambridge now hold mandatory sexual consent workshops for students during freshers week, to discuss "myths and misunderstandings" around rape and harassment.

But the latest attempt to address concerns over sexual consent seems more problematic than useful.

An advocacy group, The Affirmative Consent Project, is distributing 'sexual consent kits' to universities across the United States. ” and has space for both parties to sign, stating that they "agree to have consensual sex with one another".

Alison Berke, founder of the project, says the group has sold or given away at least 1,000 of the kits to students. The couple are also encouraged to take a photo of themselves holding the contract.

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