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Raleigh [1] was named for Sir Walter Raleigh, the famed English soldier, adventurer, and poet.

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[7] The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau operates the Raleigh Visitor Information Center [8]. Stop by and pick up a brochure or visit the website to view a visitor guide online or order one to be mailed before your trip.The Visitor Information Center (VIC) is located at 500 Fayetteville Street between the Raleigh Marriott City Center and The Raleigh Convention Center. Within the I-440 Beltline are mostly fashionable older neighborhoods and the NC State University area.The North Raleigh neighborhoods are aligned along the "spokes of the wheel"—major thoroughfares emanating from the I-440 Loop and passing through the northern edge of the much larger I-540 loop.Downtown Raleigh provides easy travel and access through its grid of one-way streets.If you're just passing through, the major thoroughfare is Capital Boulevard (US 401), which splits into Dawson Street heading south and Mc Dowell Street heading north.From the west, it is Hillsborough Street, interrupted midway by the state Capitol building.

To the east, it continues as New Bern Avenue (US 64).The I-440 Beltline was once denoted with "Inner" and "Outer" labels, but they have been phased out in favor of "East" and "West." I-440 West was previously the Outer Beltline, and I-440 East was previously the Inner Beltline.I-440's concurrency with I-40 through the souther portion of Raleigh has also been removed; therefore, the Beltline no longer loops back on itself.Raleigh is known for particularly aggressive parking enforcement and towing, so be sure to follow all parking signs and rules.For information on routes, schedules and fares, check Go, [14] for a helpful trip planner.Southwest Raleigh, particularly the area along Hillsborough Street, resembles a college town, so there are plenty of places to find a drink.