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If you’re out of the loop, then allow me to introduce you to a talented artist influenced by old school r&b soul.But before we get down to the sensual and tasteful melodies coming from his lips, let’s discover who Lemar is behind the music.

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Lemar was heavily influenced by the Jacksons and would constantly sing along to their music.Always a lover of r&b and soul, it was only a matter of time before Lemar began pursuing an entertainment career in the groovy genre.At age 17, he opened up for Usher and gained public recognition for supporting the latter along with Destiny’s Child, Total and Uncle Sam on their UK tours.Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV breakfast show, the 37-year-old talked about his mum's passing as he emphasised the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Her death came as the star was preparing to release his debut single Dance (With U).I think we all take this view that it can never happen to us or someone we love - but it can.

However, despite not making it to see her son top the charts, Lemar admitted his mother had been incredibly "proud' during his rise to stardom on Fame Academy.Lemar knew he wanted to be a musician, therefore giving up a college education to focus on his music full time.He signed his first recording contract with BMG and would later release his debut song “.” The singer finished third on the show, but that did not prevent record executives from being interested in Lemar’s undeniable talent.Lemar released his second single “Since then, Lemar has been touring and working on new music in between.His return to music is certainly anticipated, as this man is a combination of Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Brian Mc Knight and D’Angelo.Lemar Obika opened up about his mother's death this morning.