Dating for metalheads

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Dating for metalheads

I really like metalhead boys (long hair and piercings = mmmmmm) but they just don’t seem to like me… Annoying, pubs are the both the easiest places to find hot metal guys, and the hardest places to approach someone and talk to them. There are simply much fewer female metal fans than male.

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This means that the metal girls who do exist tend to get snapped up pretty fast by the few guys who manage to overcome their wussiness long enough to say “fancy a shg””.So a metal chick – a single metal chick – is a rare and sought-after commodity.Guys are terrified of us, especially if they like us or think they might sometime in the future like us.This terror makes them do stupid things, like grunting when we try to talk to them, telling stupid sexist jokes and trying to throw us into the foldbacks.Although, they might also grunt when we talk to them because they are miserable pricks.They might tell stupid sexist jokes because they’re insensitive knobheads, and they might try to throw us into the foldbacks because they’re high on P.

Telling the difference is hard, and only comes with practice.The truth is, sometimes you have to make the first move.And this means sometimes you’re going to be shot down. But you have to be brave, give yourself a huge pep talk, and go over and strike up a conversation.Here are some tips for making that easier: – Don’t worry about thinking up some super clever opening line.This isn’t some hipster club where “Your body is wonderland and I want to be Alice” cuts it.Just walk over, dump your beer on the table across from him and say “Hi, I’m Steff.