Dating from time immemorial crossword clue

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This older community has branches in such countries as Cuba, Saint Lucia, Brazil, Grenada, and ethnography written in Arabic and Ajami during the 19th century, in origin referring to the Oyo exclusively.The extension of the term to all speakers of dialects related to the language of the Oyo (in modern terminology North-West Yoruba) dates to the second half of the 19th century.

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Crowther was himself a Yoruba and compiled the first Yoruba dictionary as well as introducing a standard for Yoruba orthography.The alternative name Akú, apparently an exonym derived from the first words of Yoruba greetings (such as Ẹ kú àárọ? "good evening") has survived in certain parts of their diaspora as a self-descriptive, especially in Sierra Leone The Yoruba culture was originally an oral tradition, and the majority of Yoruba people are native speakers of the Yoruba language.The number of speakers is roughly estimated at about 30 million in 2010.Yoruba is classified within the Edekiri languages, which together with the isolate Igala, form the Yoruboid group of languages within the Volta-Niger branch of the Niger-Congo family.) are an ethnic group of Southwestern and North central Nigeria as well as Southern and Central Benin, together known as Yorubaland.The Yoruba constitute over 40 million people in total.

The majority of this population is from Nigeria and make up 21% of its population, according to the CIA World Factbook, making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa.The majority of the Yoruba speak the Yoruba language, which is tonal, and is the Niger-Congo language with the largest number of native speakers.The Yoruba share borders with the Borgu in Benin; the Nupe and Ebira in central Nigeria; and the Edo, the Ẹsan, and the Afemai in mid-western Nigeria.The Igala and other related groups are found in the northeast, and the Egun, Fon, Ewe and others in the southeast Benin.The Itsekiri who live in the north-west Niger delta are related to the Yoruba but maintain a distinct cultural identity.Significant Yoruba populations in other West African countries can be found in Ghana, The Yoruba diaspora consists of two main groupings, one of them includes relatively recent migrants, the majority of which moved to the United States and the United Kingdom after major economic changes in the 1970s; the other is a much older population dating back to the Atlantic slave trade.

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