Dating harrington and richardson shotguns

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One of the 1950s period competitors for selection as the next US military rifle was this H&R T48 experimental model of the Belgian FN-FAL rifle.

Although most commonly used as a semi-automatic rifle, their cyclic rate is approximately 650 rounds per minute in fully automatic mode.The FAL has been adopted by nations in Europe, Africa, Central and South America, and Asia, as well as Canada and Australia.In addition, 500 examples were manufactured in the United States by Harrington & Richardson and designated the T48 rifle.These were submitted for use in extensive testing by the U. Army as a potential replacement for the M1 Garand prior to the Army's eventual adoption of the M14 rifle.A handle is provided on the left side of the receiver for cocking the rifle and loading a round into the chamber.When firing, this handle does not continue to move.

The bolt remains open after the last round is fired, and insertion of a fresh magazine, coupled with a stroke of the cocking handle readies the rifle for use.

The FAL fires from a closed bolt, and depressing the trigger releases only the hammer and firing pin without the potential of disturbing the shooter's aim, as is the case with rifles that fire from an open bolt.

A selector switch on the left side of the receiver may be set for "safe", "single shot", and "full automatic".

When the rifle is fired, the gas system causes the bolt to open and compresses the return spring in the rifle's buttstock during recoil.

The spring then returns the bolt to the closed position to complete the firing cycle.

Feeding and extraction is performed in the same manner as that used in other semi- and fully-automatic small arms.

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