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In short order he attracted the attention of Greenwood, SC’s, Sunny 103.5 FM, which recruited him to emcee the a daily broadcast featuring the sounds of summer.Then, in 2009, just for kicks, Pat Patterson and his wife, Robin created the Large Time Radio Network (LTRN), an internet-based radio station introducing a novel music format featuring .

Pat’s decision to defy convention and air his unorthodox variety of music struck just the right chord–on average, LTRN listeners tuned-in for nearly six hours per day, more than tripling the industry average.Five years later, in the first of many promising opportunities to come his way, the owners of WPCC 1410 AM, a radio outlet located in Clinton, SC, approached Pat with an offer to sell him the station.Pat immediately recognized the numerous strategic advantages inherent with this deal.In addition to helping a hometown station keep its 50+ year broadcast tradition alive, Pat could leverage the solid programming platform and listener base of his internet station.Every year thousands of small business owners turn to the SC SBDC for private consulting.Watch our video and learn how entrepreneurs in all areas of business and industry have found success with the assistance of their local Small Business Development Center.

Every day is a challenge for an existing business owner. Click here and learn how to write a business plan and secure startup capital.

Click here for help with finances, marketing or other day-to-day hurdles of running a company. Gain knowledge of demographics and regulations in your industry. For more than 25 years, Pat Patterson has moved to the beat of a different drum–his own.

SC Small Business Development Centers offer free, private consulting, resources and seminars to help your small business thrive. SC Small Business Development Centers offer seminars, resources and free counseling that will jump start your startup. As a teen, Pat played the drums, providing the background rhythms for several bands.

While still in high school, he found yet another outlet for his passion for music: he became a deejay, entertaining audiences with his over-the-top personality, crazy antics and wholly unique playlists. Still eccentric, still vivacious, and still a music devotee, Pat hadn’t changed, but his realm of influence had.

Thanks to a radio station in Johnston, SC, Pat hit the air waves hosting a live radio show.

Despite being a rookie, Pat’s off-the-charts charisma created a sensation.

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