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There are four buses per day from Fuengirola to La Linea, with the first at around 8am and the last one back at around 7pm. It is usually quicker to drive to La Linea, park there and walk across the border.Compare Prices on Car Hire in Spain There are several guided tours from Fuengirola to Gibraltar, with a different emphasis with each.

Read more Sightseeing Trip to Gibraltar Shopping Trip to Gibraltar: The tax-free colony is known for good prices on electronic goods.

This 'tour' is really just a cheaper, unguided version of the above tour.

The tour gives you enough time on the Rock to explore the whole place, but the sightseeing tour isn't much more expensive and will help you get a lot more out of your day.

Read more: Shopping Trip to Gibraltar from Fuengirola Dolphin Viewing Cruise: Squeezes in a 2.5hr cruise to see dolphins swimming in the sea in the Strait of Gibraltar.

A curiosity that many visitors to the Costa del Sol are interested in is Gibraltar, the last colony in Europe and a source of much trouble between Spain (which wants Gibraltar to be Spanish), the UK (which wants it to be Spanish) and the local Gibraltar citizens (who want to remain British).

A microcosm of Britishness on the south coast of Spain, it is a popular destination for visitors to the Costa del Sol.

Find out on this page about your transport options for for travel from Fuengirola to Gibraltar by hire car, public transport and guided tour.Britain is not in the Schengen zone, which means that there are passport checks on the border between Gibraltar and Spain.Due to an apparent drug smuggling problem (as well as just to annoy everyone), the Spanish do vigorous searches on most vehicles that cross the border.For this reason, it is not advisable to try to drive into Gibraltar.No bus company will take you there and there are no trains, Instead, you need to go to La Linea de la Concepcion, the town on the Spanish side and then walk across the border.Note that you will need your passport and meet any necessary visa requirements for entering the UK. Book here: Driving to Gibraltar The 115km journey from Fuengirola to Gibraltar should take an hour and a half, assuming there is no line at the border crossing.

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