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You mention couples therapy to a few of your closest friends. Somewhere they heard the marriage counselor took the other partner’s side. People ask the nosy question: “so how come you’re not married? One foot is out the door, but you want to know you did everything you could before throwing in the towel. Or if you are the “single one of the group,” you feel weird that you are in this place.

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If you are one of the single ladies or a man seeking a woman, dating advice is plenty from friends, family and even co-workers.” You have come up with some routine answers that aren’t even sure if they’re true anymore. The way you experience relationships will be forever altered after working with me. You will experience rapid change, regain a sense of connection and feel a sense of relief as you learn things you never knew about relationships.You decide to go stealth on the internet and start searching: “relationship help,” “dating advice,” “marriage counseling,” “relationship advice.” Finding mixed reviews on dating coaches. Then some articles that say couples therapy won’t work pop up. Increasing fear and anxiety with no signs of a way out. With individualized personal attention and a few simple tools, you can fast forward to get the answers you want.However, many articles all over the internet offer relationship advice about “Signs of good relationships,” “How to have healthy relationships,” or “Signs your marriage is headed for divorce.” Maybe you can solve this online. You want to feel connected to something, to someone. If you are tired of not knowing what’s going wrong with your love life and why you can’t seem to find a long-lasting, healthy relationship, give me a call at 949-682-9304 for your free 15-minute consultation regarding both relationship help in Newport Beach and dating advice in Orange County.But when you see frightening tip sheets about “Seven ways to make on-line dating fun! Instead, as you stare at the computer screen, you feel empty and disconnected from the world. If I can’t help, I’ll be open with you and point you in the right direction.” “How to know if your husband is cheating on you” “Three online dating sites with the highest rates of sociopathic men,” the pit in your stomach grows.

With the abundance of great weather, beautiful people and overall high quality of life, Orange County, Ca. area and asked them to give us their “top 10 list” of bars/clubs in Orange County that seem to attract a better than average share of male douchebags.

attracts thousands of new residents every year who want to work and play in this area. We then compiled their responses into a list and found the same bar/club names being repeated over and over again. Sutra Website: Address: 1870 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA Taken directly from the first line when you visit their website: “Sutra nightclub is full of fist pumping, gold chain wearing, Persian gangster wannabes and just as fake model/actresses.

The nightlife scene on the other hand is hit and miss. This list isn’t an indicator of a bad bar or club, rather it’s a list of the clientele that the bar/club seems to attract more often than not. You’re going to need to find one of these guys to help your pay for your overpriced weak drinks.

From the 60 year old white republican millionaire looking for an 18 year old (or younger) play toy, to the ‘roid raging, Tap Out wearing bro’s, the bar/club scene in the O. Avoid these places at all costs if you are female in her 20’s-30’s and wish not to be hit upon by the douchebags that crawl out from under their rocks to infest the O. However, you might find your very own Pauly D to take you home!!

If that doesn’t show what type of place this is, Mickey Avalon is a guest DJ here.

Get ready for some fist pumping, Jersey Shore action going on at Sutra!