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Its ability to frustrate and annoy is equally matched by its reliability to amaze and humble.A little mental and emotional preparation is suggested before attempting to visit the home of more than one billion souls.

Yet beyond the desperation lies a culture of true hospitality, regardless of class.

Whether you want to soak in the ubiquitous spirituality, chill out on a beach, ride a camel though the Rajasthan desert sands or brave the streets of Mumbai or Old Delhi, India offers something for everyone. Beaches India has dozens of excellent beaches, with the best ones to be found along the Malabar Coast.

Goa is the hub in this area, but you may find the quiet of Morjim, Palolem or Asvem a more family-focused experience.

Most beaches have bungalow resorts, restaurants and water equipment for youngsters to play with.

You can rent bikes, go for a boat ride to see dolphins, or check out the flea market at Goa’s Anjuna Beach. Bikaner Festival: this desert carnival is not to be missed if you are in Rajasthan.

A splendid procession of decorated camels kicks off the event as they parade to the Polo Grounds where several days of camel-based activities and competitions keep everyone entertained. Ajanta Caves These ancient Buddhist caves dating back to 200 BC are one of India’s many UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Located in Ajanta, the temples - cut out of the rock face - are in incredibly good condition considering their age.

The walls are adorned with pristine religious paintings depicting various aspects of early Buddhism in India.

The caves are a bit out of the way, but that’s what makes them so ..

India has several major international airports which service every corner of the globe.

Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai are the main air hubs in each major geographical region of India.

International flights also arrive at Bangalore, Amritsar, Kochi and Ahmedabad, though these offer fewer international flights.