Dating posters htm

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Dating posters htm

All uk offers a wide variety of posters, art prints, canvas prints and other unique products sure to satisfy your passions.

With a European manufacturing, distribution and customer service centre, All uk offers affordable custom framing for all of its wall art, fast shipping, and a money-back guarantee on all purchases for 30 days.

All uk is a division of Inc., the world's leading online specialty provider of posters, prints, and framed art. has sold high-quality wall art online to more than 10 million customers.

Similar images of women war workers appeared in other countries such as Britain and Australia.

Images of women workers were widespread in the media as government posters, and commercial advertising was heavily used by the government to encourage women to volunteer for wartime service in factories.

Because world wars were total wars which required governments to utilize their entire populations for the purpose of defeating their enemies, millions of women were encouraged to work in industry and take over jobs previously done by men.

During World War I women across the United States were employed in jobs previously done by men.

World War II was similar to World War I in that massive conscription of men led to a shortage of available workers and therefore a demand for labor which could only be fully filled by employing women.

Nearly 19 million women held jobs during World War II. Only three million new female workers entered the workforce during the time of the war.

Although most women took on male dominated trades during World War II, they were expected to return to their everyday housework once men returned from the war.

Government campaigns targeting women were addressed solely at housewives, likely because already-employed women would move to the higher-paid "essential" jobs on their own, In 1944, when victory seemed assured for the United States, government-sponsored propaganda changed by urging women back to working in the home.

Later, many women returned to traditional work such as clerical or administration positions, despite their reluctance to re-enter the lower-paying fields.

The term "Rosie the Riveter" was first used in 1942 in a song of the same name written by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb.

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