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2) It’s about being the right man If you take your relationship seriously, are sure you want to love this woman all your life, and even keep her by your side, you have to decide to be the right man to her.

And don’t pretend to be something which you are not!” To be the right and true man, you just have to understand what women want, and give it to them.There is one immortal truth of life I would like to share with you, and it is this: If you want to influence anyone (including your love interest) to your way of thinking, and to your way of doing things, give them what THEY want!3) Women love romance much more than you think Your woman loves romance, and she wants romance more than you think!If you are constantly fighting and getting into conflicts with the love of your life, and are always wondering why your girlfriend or wife can never understand you, you can do something to bring back the passion in your relationship with her.The results you want may not be instant; in fact, anything which promises you overnight success is always bogus.

However, your desired results will come surely and certainly, just as the sun will rise from the East every morning, if you will put in the right effort, patience, and concentration.Here are some simple strategies to get you started, and before long, you should be able to break the barriers of stubborness, of blindness, and of bitterness in your relationship with your loved one, and replace them with feelings of affection, warmth, laughter, and love for you.1) Be the solution Find out for yourself and understand the reasons which bring about all the fighting, arguments, and even break-ups.You have the power to turn the relationship around to your favor and create that long-lasting and harmonious relationship which you so desire.Whatever difficulties or obstables you are facing in your relationship right now, know that if you change your attitude, your outer environment will change as well.Be the solution, and start watching miracles happen.