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By 1951 production had reduced to a trickle of rack plates, chop dishes, mugs and bonbon dishes.The Dickens Ware "A" series consists of 31 characters depicted on four styles of background; A Victorian streetscape (with several variations, but all of the same school); A Victorian parlor or front room (again, several variations, but all of the same school); A courtroom (Buzfuz & Mrs Bardell); and Sydney Carton who appears on the stairs of the guillotine with an expectant crowd below.

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Of all the series Dickens Ware was one of the most prolific, so it almost goes without saying that there are almost innumerable vase shapes and sizes in this pattern.

It is my hope that as this list grows we can get some idea of what shapes where available and in what era. This page is the home of all the Dickens Ware Covered Table Ware, including; tureens, biscuit barrels, gravy boats, cruets, cheese dishes and whisky kegs.

In the Dickens Ware Vase fact file I have photographs 55 vase shapes and sizes; for 53 of these vase shapes we have been able to identify by the Royal Doulton issued shape number. These are specialized shapes, generally they are the hardest to come by, and today these are some of the most valuable shapes.

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born in Portsmouth on 7th February 1812, he died in Kent on the 9th June 1870.

In his 58 years Charles Dickens crafted a literary tradition that is without rival in the English speaking world.

Dickens was the true master of his craft, in his day his style was the cutting edge, but today his work is remembered for its social commentary.It would have been inconceivable for Royal Doulton not to create a series honoring this mighty talent, in fact, Royal Doulton created seven series dealing with Dickens’ literary heritage.The largest and by far the most prevalent of the Dickens series is Dickens Ware "A".This impressive series was first introduced in 1908; it was augmented for the celebration of the centenary of Dickens’ birth in 1912.The range was increased in 1917; by 1930 production had all but stopped.In 1931 a limited series was reintroduced on a different colour scheme.

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