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Our process servers provide real time status reports with details of their efforts and will provide a notarized proof of service (affidavit) immediately upon completion of service.

We will tackle all of your process service needs anywhere in Bakersfield.

PROCESS SERVERS in Bakersfield are adept at providing a wide range of process serving services.

Our professional process servers will make up to three attempts, at one address, to deliver and serve your documents at no extra charge.

If our Bakersfield process servers encounter an unexpected challenge attempting to serve your papers, we will provide you a detailed status report immediately.

Our Process Servers in Bakersfield offer same day service, rush service, covert services, surveillance, specialized assignments and prearranged service plans.

Our Service of Process services in Bakersfield involves every aspect of the legal process and we participate in all levels of every type of court proceeding. PROCESS SERVERS who deliver and serve your documentation to the defendant in Bakersfield will inform him or her of the impending court case and explain the summons served compels and answer and an appearance.We serve and deliver civil process to any citizen within Bakersfield and to any business in Bakersfield or nationwide. Anytime a lawsuit is filed and issued by a court is brought against a defendant, that person has a legal right to defend her/himself. We acknowledge and understand the significance of proper service of process in Bakersfield must be satisfactorily completed and meet all legal requirements before the case can proceed.Defendants, Respondents, Witnesses, Corporate Defendants, Corporate Records Custodian, Business People, Registered Agents, Directors, Trusts, Heirs, Third-Party Plaintiff, Third-Party Defendants, Adverse Parties, Judges, Attorney’s, Debtors and anyone who is party to a law suit or a dispute. Therefore, when you ask us to perform service of process services in Bakersfield we take the first very important legal step on your behalf. Service of Process in Bakersfield also applies to serving and delivering Subpoena’s.As you consider your process service needs in Bakersfield, you can count on A. Proper service of a Subpoena is critical legal proceedings as it is a subpoena that compels a witness to appear or produce evidence that is essential to the case.We view service of a subpoena as important as a summons and make every efforts to assure witnesses and or individuals in a representative capacity are served properly and within the time frame required by the deposition date, court’s deadline and or trial date.Our process serving service in Bakersfield is the act of delivering and serving a court issued summons, citation, writs, orders and other relevant documents to those who are party to a legal dispute.