Dating site affiliate tips

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Dating site affiliate tips - old friends now dating

Once considered a fad or a fringe activity, Internet dating has gone majorly mainstream."Oh, you met on the Internet, that's weird," is something that only weird people say, now.

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And people will gladly pay those dues, because finding someone special (or mildly interesting, or decently good-looking, or into dressing up in medieval gear while yodeling R.

Kelly songs, as the case may be) is not easy much so it's worth paying for.

Realize, too, as an affiliate marketer, that the Internet dating sites of today often deliver strong value in return for those monthly fees.

Although people should, of course still be careful, dating websites have become much more advanced and secure over the years, with peer reviews and better verification.

You can rest assured that people are, in fact, who they say they are (give or take 10 pounds).

The bottom line is that you actually can meet someone special on the Internet now, and millions of people know this, and will pay for the privilege to give it a try.

In other words, Internet dating is a fantastic opportunity for affiliate marketing.

Thousands of people are already making their living this way, but the industry is in its infancy with endless possibilities for expansion.

Given some initiative, you can easily stake out your territory in the market.

Consider, above all, the niche-friendly nature of the Internet itself.

On the Web, there is a community for everything (see R.

Kelly yodeling, above), and within every community there are people who are hungry to meet others who are like them. Success for an affiliate marketer, then, is simply a matter of attracting that community.