Dating trick

13-Mar-2015 12:48 by 9 Comments

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Sometimes it can be hard to get an older man’s attention, especially if you’re not meeting in a typical scenario, like a bar.But there’s a trick that has now been scientifically proven to work.

Ladies, take notes, because these findings can definitely help you get ahead in age gap dating.

, young women wore heels with varying heights and asked men on the street between the ages of 25 and 50 to answer survey questions.

The women wearing relatively flat shoes (0.2-inch heel) got a 46.7% answer rate and medium heels (two inches high) got a 63% answer rate.

But what was most surprising was that the highest heel (3.5 inches) got an incredible 83% answer rate.

The same trend was seen in other situations as well.

According to other findings from this study, women wearing heels in a bar setting get picked up by a man twice as fast compared to women wearing flatter shoes.

And when you drop a glove outside on the street, there’s a much better chance—almost 50%—that a man will pick it up for you if you’re rocking a pair of high-heeled shoes.

This all just goes to show that if you really want to get noticed in age gap dating, heels are a good start.

As the study’s author points out, wearing high heels “exerts a powerful effect on men’s behavior,” adding that, “Simply put, they make women more beautiful.” Some might disagree with that statement, but a 2012 study proved the same thing—women were rated as being more attractive and feminine when they wore heels, thanks to shorter strides and more swinging of the hips when they walked.

In the scope of age gap dating, you can use that to your advantage.

For starters, it’s hard not to feel sexy and empowered when you slip on a hot new pair of stilettos.

Wearing heels not only makes a woman look taller and slimmer, but it gives off an air of confidence and sexuality, and that’s something a lot of men will find very attractive.