Dating vintage fender pots

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Dating vintage fender pots

You can dial in lots of killer tones with it, I personally don't miss the neck pickup with the way the Esquire circuit layout. Original to the guitar, The Neck has original finish, tuners, nut and frets. ) Original Pickup, bridge plate/saddles, control plate, Knobs, switch, pots, Caps, input jack plate and strap buttons.

(This was common, Fender even sold neck pickups and pickguards as an "upgrades" for an Esquire in the 50's and 60's) It has a newer bakelite pickguard that looks great on the guitar. Some of the screws for the pickguard and control plates aren't original to the guitar but I'm 100% sure which ones. The holes don't bother me so I just left them, they could be filled easily. So, you can't afford that '54 Strat, or that '64, or even that '74 for that matter.Your last chance to own a vintage Fender Stratocaster is with the guitars of the late 1970's.via this auction "Up for sale is a vintage 1953 Fender Esquire made by the legendary Fender builder Tadeo Gomez. Pre dating the Stratocaster which came out the following year 1954.The neck pocket on the body is marked ( Tadeo 12-24-52 ) and the neck looks to read ( TG 1-2-53 ) which would make this Fender Esquire 1953 production model.

The serial number that's stamped on the bridge (pre-neck plate) is 2252.

If your not familiar with Tadeo Gomez and his work in the early days of the fender electric instrument company, you should google his name and you'll find his work is the most sought after of all the original Fender builders. My girl friend calls it "the vortex guitar" cause once I pick it up time just seem to get away from me and hours will pass. The body and neck fit so well, that even after 60+ years the neck has never needed a shim.

Playing this guitar I understand why guys like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour and so many other great players, play Tadeo Gomez guitars. It's just like an old friend, once you pick it up you know "this is the real deal". (some of which are nice, don't get me wrong) but they don't even come close to the mojo this thing has. The action is set at .60/.40 at 12th fret with no buzz!

Intonation is great, original tuners keep in to tune after hours of playing.

The guitar it's self in light in weight and has plenty of sustain.

Pickup is hot and bitty, No pedals needs good sound, this thing even makes scrappy amps sound good.