Dating vs marriage material

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Dating vs marriage material - sydney dating sites

Wouldn’t Mind Sharing with Your Brother I have to admit, I have hooked up with a few girls that my brother or my close friends have also hooked up with, but not at the same time of course.If this happens and it doesn’t bother you, it’s a sign that you’re not really into the girl.

Probably the first question you should ask when you’re getting serious with someone is whether you’d be happy bringing her home to your family.

It’s important that she shares the same family values and has the same expectations of family that you do.

A marriage material girl is a still a trophy in way that you’re proud to show her off to everybody, but this is one that you want all for yourself and would never dream of sharing.

I promise to no longer refer to girls as trophies or dogs. We all know about that awkward situation when we wake up in the morning and there’s a “stranger” next to us. Honestly, I once had a girl not remember my name in the morning so I’ve seen both sides of the coin.

When I got this month’s topic: “marriage material or spring fling”, I was pleasantly surprised they’d picked another issue that I am an expert on, because at this point in my life I’ve met about 99 girls who were good for a spring fling and maybe 1 who was marriage material, although since Aishwariya Rai never returned my calls I didn’t really get to fully evaluate the one I thought was marriage material.

Nevertheless, I asked some people who have experience being married about what qualities I should look for in a potential life partner.

My dad said she should be nice, caring, loyal, obedient and always greet you when you come home.I wasn’t sure if he was talking about a wife or the family dog.So I asked my mom who said she should be tall, fair, have pretty features, be well educated and come from a good family.I think she was just reading every personal ad in the India Abroad though.So I thought about it some more myself and decided the one thing I’m really looking for is a girl who is loaded cause my goal in life is to marry rich. My dad didn’t actually compare my future wife to our dog. Anyway, the truth is the things that attract you to someone for a spring fling are similar to what attracts you to your future wife.However, clearly there are some qualities that your wife has that the spring fling lacks…

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