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Tweet Peoples from many lands of the world have used vinegar in many different ways, for thousands of years.

The first written history of vinegar in China dates to 1200 BC.1000 BC…In ancient Rome different types of vinegar were made from wine, dates, figs and other fruits and placed in bowls for the dunking of bread.The making of rice vinegar in China goes back 3000 years.During biblical times, vinegar was used to flavor foods, drunk as an energizing drink, and used as a medicine. In the Book of Ruth (Ruth ), after working hard gleaning barley in the fields, Ruth was invited by Boaz to eat bread and dip it in vinegar.In ancient Greece, around 400 BC, Hippocrates, who is considered the father of modern medicine, prescribed apple cider vinegar mixed with honey for a variety of ailments, including coughs and colds.Vinegar was used by the Carthaginian general Hannibal when he crossed the Alps with elephants to invade Italy in 218 BC.

It was poured over hot boulders to crumble them, to allow his troops to march through.

The Japanese samurai believed drinking a rice vinegar drink would boost their strength and they drank it regularly.

Vinegar throughout history has been useful to everyday soldiers. The addition of vinegar to their drinking water had the additional benefit of killing any infectious agents that might have been present.

Diluted vinegar has been used as a strengthening and an energizing tonic by the military throughout the ages. In early Middle Eastern writings vinegar is mentioned as being used for medicinal purposes ranging from a digestive aid, an expectorant and even a clotting agent. Besides its medicinal uses it was valued as a condiment.

Around 40 BC Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, dissolved costly pearls in vinegar so that she might win a wager that she could consume a fortune in a single meal. In the Bible vinegar is mentioned as many times as wine.

In the New Testament a sponge soaked in vinegar was held to the parched lips of Jesus to help ease his thirst when he was hanging on the cross During the Black Plague, from 1347 to 1771 doctors rubbed vinegar infused with essential oils and herbs all-over their bodies, when tending to the contagious sick.

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