Dating your neighbor good idea

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Dating your neighbor good idea - ghana girls dating sites

**), rearrange some of our property on our lawn, etc.

After we moved the vehicles, and I started cleaning the part of the driveway that had been blocked by them she came out and revealed that she expected us to finish the work she had started.And today I received a bill (in the mail- with a stamp! ) from her for “our half” of the cost, including the cost of two helpers (her grandsons) that she paid.She mentioned in the note she sent that she wasn’t billing us for *her* labor…My Beloved and I did indeed finish the work, and we will in fact pay for our half since it is shared property. What I’m wondering is if it would be out of line to include a note with the payment, along the lines of “In the future, we would appreciate it if when you believe it is time for maintenance/improvement to be done to our mutual property that you would run it past us first.Had we known that you were planning this, we could have planned for the time expenditure and budgeted for the monetary expense.My Beloved and I bought a house around three years ago, which shares a driveway with another neighbor (the property line literally goes right down the center of the drive).We were very optimistic about this, initially, as she seemed a very charming and outgoing lady.

For the most part, our relationship with her has been amicable.

This is our first stab at home ownership, we both work full time (opposite shifts from each other), and have three amazing spawn that we’re working at guiding into responsible human-ness.

We’re having a bit of a harder time than we anticipated with staying on top of all the home owner-ship demands in addition to parenting and working, but I don’t think we’re too horribly awful at it.

We came home from a family vacation very recently to find our driveway blocked off because our neighbor had decided, unilaterally, that it was time to re-seal it.

In and of itself not a horrible thing, except that we arrived home at 4 am* and it is illegal for us to park on the street during the night.

We discovered later that day (after the sun rose) that she had also decided to take it upon herself to make changes to our lawn vegetation (not actually the first time- she also decided to cut back my rose bush one day about four weeks ago!

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