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While Overby thinks that some may find her transgender status off-putting she doesn’t believe it will define her candidacy and she plans to focus on reform of the campaign finance system to make Congress more accountable to the citizens and not to rich donors. (Thanks to TGF reader Janet CD for the tip.) The waiting was over last week when California Governor Jerry Brown picked up his pen and signed the bill that ensures transgendered students the right to go to the bathroom they are most comfortable using.

Conservative heads exploded and more cries of “boys will attack girls in the girl’s room” echoed throughout the country.

(See TWIT Awards below.) Hey, it always works out when you fear what you do not understand. Read about the signing of the bill on the ABC News website.

The Transgender Health Empowerment organization in Washington, D. whose main mission was to provide services and advocacy for that city’s transgender community has filed for bankruptcy and in no longer doing anything for the TG community.

Get the sad story of how this happened in The Washington Blade.

While some projects go bankrupt others are fully funded.

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    DMV Women Connect is NOT intended to be a "dating" site. Your participation is key to creating the sense of community we are trying to foster.

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    When you’re working on a mobile connection and your signal drops, or you just have no connection to the internet for whatever reason, having some level of access is better than nothing.

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    His teary-eyed confession may seem all too familiar, with similar public confessions made recently by former California Gov. "I don't think that people really take into account an accurate sense of just how risky a text message or a little picture is," said Daniel Kruger, evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan.

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    Remember, there are major advantages to dating a tall girl.”You know that way you sit with a guy on a love seat, watching TV? What’s an inch our two of back-to-back difference over that?