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People who use Tinder these days often do it in pursuit of sheer entertainment rather than a sincere effort to find actual dates -- so it only made sense for a group of my friends to take that dynamic to its logical conclusion and turn it into a game: Tinder bingo. It was one of one of those rare, glorious summers when the weather was perfect and all of us were single. So with an air of why-the-hell-not, we all decided to download Tinder.

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The four of us 30-something gals had fully gone down the Tinder rabbit hole. If you need a refresher on that, ask your grandparents. We also established a few double-bingo categories for those suspicious and elusive pics that left us all with questions.We were discovering all kinds of strange, undateable men -- but there were definitely some strong matches also beginning to take hold. The pursuit now felt more like a game than an attempt at finding real connections. For our rural setting, Tinder bingo categories had to involve the great outdoors and popular activities for our area. If one of the following flashed on the screen, it was an automatic win: Wedding-day photos Exotic animals Expensive sports cars Any photo which makes us afraid for the future of humanity (i.e., action shot of you getting a matching tattoo with your school-aged child.For a second, it seemed as if what had started as a half-hearted joke over cocktails might result in a few actual dates. As screenshots made the rounds, we realized that some of us were sharing matches -- and that a few of those common prospects, like Jon and Kyle (names changed to protect the guilty), were using the same pick-up lines on more than one of us. In no particular order, here are the boxes to match on the boards: Truck Fishing or hunting photo with animal Beard frozen in ice Obviously edited photograph removing exes (entirely, or simply cutting or crossing out face) Ski goggles All-terrain vehicle Weaponry Nudity Bathroom selfie Camouflage Any message containing the word "sup" All players continue swiping until someone has created a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row on his or her board. True story.) Of course, categories for Tinder bingo will obviously need to be adjusted if you're swiping in Manhattan or Malibu, allowing for man-bun hairdos, city cycling, requisite gym photos... Wherever you are, if you and your friends ever find yourselves trapped in the dating-app jungle, a round of your own version of Tinder bingo might be just what you need to find your way out of the woods. We broke it out while tailgating at a rodeo with boxed wine, in each other's rooms while getting ready to go out, anytime we had a few minutes to kill with some mindless entertainment.Most challenging was trying to differentiate one man's profile from another in the sea of antler pics and lift kits flashing across our phone screens.So, if you're managing to find a string of successful and satisfying dates on Tinder, well done. But if you're finding it to be something of a joke, and have some friends who similarly enjoy a good joke, Tinder bingo might just be for you.

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It is to no surprise that there is a prominent link between online bingo and online dating.

Bingo is a constantly evolving market for online social networking.

Chat rooms are the fundamental part to the game of online bingo.

Dating, on the other hand, is massively popular on the internet.

It is no surprise that the two together are like bread and butter.

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