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Will your relationship become topic of office gossip? There’s also the matter of how your dating relationship might impact job performance.

If working in close proximity to your love interest makes it tough to keep your personal life from affecting your professional productivity, then dating a co-worker might not be the best choice.You’ll also want to consider the financial impact of a potential breakup.Would working together post-relationship be comfortable or even possible?If not, could you transfer to another department or location? Factors in your favor include the fact that working together may allow you to observe this person’s strengths and weaknesses in a non-dating environment. Your best chance at fanning your workday crush into a hot relationship — or dousing those sparks in time to avoid any unwanted drama — is to carefully consider the pros and cons.

But is dating someone at work a fortunate turn of events or a disaster waiting to happen? Office crushes sure make the workday more interesting — and give you the inspiration to dress a little sharper for that Monday morning meeting, too.You may have already seen how he or she handles stress and treats peers.There’s also a good chance that, working for the same employer, the two of you enjoy similar work hours and holidays.You also bring to a new relationship a shared “world,” complete with friends, colleagues, goals, and even values.READ: 9 Daring Date Night Ideas But that shared world is not without risks. Will dating someone at work change the way co-workers or supervisors regard you?