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Datingfrustrations com - advice dating site womens

this is part of the build up to a new business we are launching :) Bit of fun for a friday ;)Share your disastrous dating story and win a superb prize! blog about your worst date and win prizes in australia.

Ever realised half-way through a romantic evening that your flies ha...

Watching the speeches on College Green, I felt my heart swell. “Look,” I wanted to tell Little Man, “the Taoiseach is introducing the President.” “Look, the Taoiseach is introducing the President.” Actually, I think Enda was playing the role of his life, giving the speech of his life.

That’s Obama of the Moneygall Obama’s in case you were wondering.

But after months and months last year of silence from our leaders, I found it refreshing to hear a real speech, a speech we could cheer to in fact.

Of course, Little Man wasn’t too interested in the speeches.

But I wonder if he’ll be interested in years to come – maybe when he learns about this visit in History class at school, or reads about it on Wikipedia…

When he arrived at Dublin airport, you were busy in the kitchen sharing your buttered toast with me.

When he planted a tree at Aras an Uachtarain, you were snuggling on the couch with me, playing First Words on the i Pad.

When he met with the Taoiseach, you were gobbling your dinner, proudly showing me how you could “chop-chop” your chicken with your knife.

When he visited the US Embassy, you were sound asleep.

When he arrived in Moneygall, you were still asleep – it was a long nap.

When he greeted the crowds in Moneygall and shared a pint with them, you shared an ice-pop with me while I waited for the Neurofen to take your fever down (our friend “teething” strikes again).

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    "This is without a doubt one of the most reprehensible groups of people in the country," Sheriff Grady Judd said Monday.