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After William started at Sandhurst, he emailed Coulson to say: “We are the only paper getting any information out of there at all about his movements and Kate’s.“There have been several close calls that could have made us some great pics.“We were five minutes away from catching Kate and William together last Saturday.”Mr Edis said the paper was also able to run a story about William’s Army training.He said: “William found himself in the wrong place during a night exercise so he got shot, pretend shot.“There is a voicemail, recording of a voicemail, in which Prince William says something about that.

The prosecutor said the story about Harry’s homework came about when the Prince asked Mr Lowther-Pinkerton for help.In the hacked phone message, he asked if his aide had “any information at all” about the 1980 SAS storming of the Iranian embassy in London.Harry said: “I need to write an essay quite quickly on that but I need some extra info.Please, please email it to me or text me.”The court heard Goodman listened to the Prince’s message and made a joke by email to Coulson saying: “It’s sort of like phone a friend on Who Wants to be a Brigadier.”Mr Edis said the bikini incident came in June 2006, when William had gone to a party dressed as a Bond girl.The snoops found out when William would be meeting his then girlfriend and also what his younger brother Harry was up to while training as an Army officer at Sandhurst.Andrew Edis QC, prosecuting in the Old Bailey phone hacking trial, said they listened in on voicemail messages left by William and Harry for their ­private secretary, Jamie Lowther- Pinkerton.

They were able to glean information to go with photographs of Kate and investigate a story about William being “shot” in a military training exercise.Another report accused Harry of breaking rules at the Army college by asking their ex-Forces private secretary for information to help write an essay.The hacking trial was also told ex-News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks authorised payment for a ­photograph of Prince William in fancy dress for a party wearing a bikini and an open Hawaiian shirt.Mr Edis said the phone hacking was orchestrated by Clive Goodman, the paper’s royal editor, and carried out by private eye Glenn Mulcaire.He said over a number of years when William was seeing Kate and both Princes attended Sandhurst, the royal editor regularly used Mulcaire.At one point, Goodman told editor Andy Coulson that the hacker, who earned £100,000 a year from the paper, was a “goldmine” for stories.

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