Deal breaker blog dating

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Deal breaker blog dating

Are they going to be cool with it or run for the hills? Well, it depends on your mate and your student loan situation.

If you both have student loans, you can both commiserate together (doesn’t that sound romantic?), but if one person has student loans and the other doesn’t, it could be a turn off, especially if that person has six-figure debt.A story profiled in The New York Times illustrates just how much student loan debt can affect your romantic prospects.After a woman disclosed her student loan balance to her fiancee, he broke off the engagement within three days.While she had mentioned that her student loan debt was over 0,000 prior to the engagement, she didn’t know exactly how much she owed.So before the engagement, they looked over the paperwork and found her total balance was 0,000.

Suddenly, “I do” became “I don’t.” What does this all mean for student loan borrowers looking for love?

Are those with student loans doomed to the outskirts of the dating arena?

Are student loan borrowers second rate candidates when it comes to the dating scene? While student loan debt can affect your future relationships, it doesn’t have to mean the end.

But if you’re dating and in debt, here are some ways to help make the process easier and avoid having student loan debt become a deal breaker.

When you’re dating, the topic of student loan debt may not come up right away.

Some dates may be a one-time, oh-please-never-again situation. If you make a connection with someone, knowing the right time to come clean can be tricky.

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