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Passing through, we came to the first of many confusing hallways.

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Every doorway seemed to head off in a new direction and a lot of passageways seemed to randomly turn at sharp angles, leading you into claustrophobic dead-ends.Turning a corner, one would happen upon other men, in varying states of undress, alternately watching porn and doing things to each other.The crowd was split almost down the middle between Caucasians and Asians (of both the east and south-east variety).Some of the rooms were quite dark and you couldn't see anything but that didn't dispel the ever-present feeling of being watched.The average heterosexual probably envisions a bathhouse as a place where gay men can go, twenty-four hours a day, to have sex with whomever they want. After all, bars are iffy, swinger's clubs are too expensive and masturbation gets old. After entering, we were offered our choice of a locker for or a room for .I was ready to step across the pond and join in the game the other team was playing, if just for one night, but I was also worried. My friend, I'll call him Ducky, got us lockers, explaining that if we wanted a room, whomever we ended up with would probably have one.

A friend of mine (and a regular to this type of establishment) invited me to check out Excess, a spa at 105 Carlton St.He also briefly explained the rules of the joint with the proviso that I only really needed to remember four of 'em: Silence is golden.Easy and quick sexual encounters are the name of the game and no one wants to have their fun spoiled with intimacy, disclaimers or any kind of recognition beyond basic physical need. A look generally indicates interest but often, a guy will touch you to see if you're interested. If you pass by a room and the door's open, that means you're invited to at least solicit a proposal for sex by standing in the doorway and waiting to see if you get an invitation.If you're not into the guy who's approaching you, don't look at them or push away their hand. If the question is "drugs" the answer is "yes." Poppers, a nitrate inhalant that acts upon the body like alcohol intoxication except it hits you in seconds, are used by a lot of guys to increase their pleasure and reduce lack of control.You don't have to use them but feel free to take a snort if offered.Proceeding inside, we first came to a bar area where men in towels were lounging on sofas, watching porno.

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