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The big question for investors in energy-related master limited partnerships in 2016 has been: When is it safe to get back into the pool?It certainly wasn’t during the first two months of the year, when the Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index fell another 13%, on a total-return basis, on top of a 32% plunge in 2015.

No wonder men wrote "Achy Breaky Heart," "I Stopped Loving Her Today" and "One For My Baby."Big, bad, tough guys are devastated when women leave them, while gals tend to jump right back into the dating pool, a new poll says. Hell, after a mani-pedi I'll be just fine, thank you. Keith Ablow, a human-behavior expert and author of "Living the Truth," thinks it's possible that online daters don't represent all men and women.Date.com, and found that 85% of men who responded to their admittedly unscientific poll confessed they "get depressed and upset" after a breakup and don't date for a long time. The women said that after a short lull, they'd be right back out on the market. Okay, maybe after a pint of Chunky Monkey as "Last Goodbye" blasts 75 times. If you dump Tiger, even after all the humiliation, you'll be back out there in no time. Should studios be putting out a "Guy Cry" movie for every chick flick? "Men who gravitate toward those sites may do so because they're rejection-sensitive," Ablow said."They may use the computer as a filter." In other words, men were programmed in the caveman days to club their woman over the head, but now even approaching a babe in a bar can trigger fear.Meanwhile, women, like elephant seals, may just want a larger selection of potential mates."Women may use dating sites simply to have a bigger pool of men to choose from," he said."I think men and women suffer equally when they feel alone." What if the good doctor is wrong, though?

Maybe Carrie Underwood was just looking for publicity when she moaned that Chace Crawford split up with her via text message.

Ditto Taylor Swift, who would still be talking about Joe Jonas' 10-second breakup call if Kanye West hadn't dissed her.

Perhaps it's that when a woman leaves a man, he's not only losing a lover.

Wisconsin researchers found the average American wife did 31 hours of housework a week to the husband's 14, even if both worked.

Maybe the guys cry because they've also lost their maid.

The household chores issue is so big that 84% of women in a University of Texas poll said they'll have sex just to bargain for it. Another recent study found the divorce rate in America has dropped to 16.7 out of 1,000 couples - maybe because more men share parenting and household chores.

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    If your criterion for choosing potential dates is consistently picking your opposite, you're going to continue to be rejected because most boomer daters are acutely aware that this is failed paradigm. Trying to jam the opposites attract, square peg, into a round hole will continue to garner rejections.