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Dns updating info - Only teens adult dating site

If you still can’t access the site through your domain name after an hour or two, contact your DNS provider for assistance. You might want to update the DNS records if, for example, you have installed a mail server at your premises and want this to handle the e-mail for your company instead of Zen's mail server.

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For more information about the type of records that can be updated please see the Related Article.

A, MX, SRV, LOC, TTL and CNAME records can be edited using the Customer Portal.

See the following section of the Knowledge Base for help on making these changes: The e-mail should be from the owner of the Domain name (the source e-mail address will be verified), and include details of the changes required.

You will need to login to your Domain Registration Provider's website to update the nameservers your domain is using.

One of the greatest conveniences of Rackspace Cloud Sites is automatic DNS provisioning when you add a new domain through your Control Panel.

But what if you’re hosting your DNS externally to Rackspace?

How will you update your DNS records to make your website accessible?

The following sections show you how to locate your Rackspace Cloud Sites DNS entries so that you can add them to your external DNS provider.

This will ensure your DNS is pointing accurately to your Cloud Site.

You can also edit and update your DNS records through the DNS page of the Cloud Control Panel.

Note: It can take a while for the DNS setting changes to propagate to the rest of the Internet, so your domain might not point to your Cloud Site right away.

You can bypass DNS and verify that your site is up by using the Testing URL listed in the site’s General Settings tab.