Droid weather widget not updating

20-Mar-2015 16:59 by 4 Comments

Droid weather widget not updating - Contactsex chat

The Facebook widget sometimes shows updates days old, and then I go back later on and I see updates 5 minutes old, then I go back later on again and I see updates days old again.

These are the only two updating widgets I have on my screens, so I wouldn't know if this is an issue with all widgets or not. I know a lot of people were having problems with the facebook widget recently.

Im not sure if all those people were on liberty at the time or not.

Personally I was on liberty at the time I was having problems.

Now im on rubi X and don't even use the widget anymore.

Hi there, I'm hoping someone has seen a fix for this.

I've recently traveled overseas and had the weather widget on my homescreen. When I've returned to the states, however, my widget still says the foreign city, the dates for the weather are the dates of my travel and it won't update.

In addition, if I try to add any city, it says "Can't add new city now.Try again later." This happens over both the data connection and wifi. I've done everything but a factory reset, including rebooting and removing & re-adding the widget. Before I reinstall either Apex or Liberty, I want to see if anyone has seen an issue like this before...I've been running Liberty 1.5 on my phone for about 3 weeks now, and for the first two weeks it was great.Then it locked up late last week requiring a battery pull to get it started back up, and since then my weather widget and Facebook widget have not been updating correctly 90% of the time.