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Understand that making money takes time and investment.But make sure you're making more money than you're spending.

They will ask you to meet them in person, or email a photo of yourself and a copy of your photo identification (ID) to them.

They may ask you to fill out a short form regarding your contact information, age, physical attributes, and social insurance number (SIN).

When you go to a club for the first time, bring your photo ID in case they want to see it.

To audition, you may be required to compete in an amateur contest.

“I expect that they stick to their commitments and that they present themselves as professionals.

I prefer they pay back money they borrowed and/or repay any pre-paid ticket money if they cannot finish a contract.

This is not enforced, but is well received and well respected if they do.

Also, I don’t proceed with legal action against them if they don’t.

It’s more of a “moral obligation”, which I hope some will have enough integrity to adhere to.

I also expect that they use logic and adhere to the law.”“Be respectful of the other girls and try not to get in their way or act superior.

Dancers see a lot of rookies come and go and are not always accommodating and patient with new girls, especially new girls with attitude.

It's best to be respectful, quiet, and take their advice when appropriate.”“It takes time to get a feel for the club and learn what works for you.

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