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Looking through all the posts, I haven't found one with a "happy ending" yet.

It doesn't have to be a personal experience, it can be based on other experiences you may know about or heard of.

I just think this may help bring a little bit of hope to everyone I've got one for you..friend was with her boyfriend Tom for a couple of years when they were at college but they had a few problems and in the end she ended it as it was just too hard and they were hurting each other a lot.

After that she met someone else (Mike), went off to university for three years and then broke up with Mike and went travelling for a year.

When she got back from travelling, Tom contacted her out of the blue after all those years apart and they started dating again.

They have been together ever since, moved in together and are now happily married!

So yes, there can be a happy ending to all this sadness!

I know a few couples who have broken up and got back together, of course I am now hoping I will get back with my ex one day.

I think you just have to remember that you never know what is around the corner, that is the beauty of life I think the reason you don't see too many success stories on here is because people who are happy with their relationships generally don't look for a site like this.

I know I only discovered it when my gf broke up with me a month ago.

I have heard of people who get back together, some weeks after a breakup and some years later after one or both of them have been married and divorced.

I'm afraid i'm not one of the success stories...yet, my gf broke up with me just over a month ago but we're still in contact.

It was a strange breakup because unlike all of my previous ones she said she can't bare not to have me in her life because i'm such a wonderful person so she really wants to be friends.

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